Altruism EP

by Elizabeth Owens

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a series of tracks about loneliness and fear written and produced in a very lonely fashion by elizabeth herself


released January 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Elizabeth Owens Richmond, Virginia

Richmond VA based solo artist.
singer, songwriter, producer, poet
battling the self-hate epidemic

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Track Name: Invisible
if I were invisible I'd make the right decisions
I could look into your eyes and know what I was giving
If we had a race you wouldn't know if I was winning

If I were invisible I'd see what really mattered
I would know just what to say when everything was shattered
Track Name: If I could
if I could go back I would
to show you I understood
I know we're not meant to live in regret
but all I want to do is forget it all

when I think back to all I've been
all I want to do is begin again

I know it's not that dark
I just feel that I should at least remark
on all of the shapeless guilt I feel
so it doesn't escape me and send me reeling for more

oh, if you could see me now
maybe you wouldn't have to doubt

I don't want to be her again
I don't want to be hurt again
Track Name: I wanted to go with you
did I scare you off again?
Track Name: love
I miss my mom so much although I never tell her
I loved my dog so much although she may never have felt it
I love my friends so much although I never see them

this is my quiet way of showing that I really care

I scold myself too much, it hurts to even say it
and I hurt you way too much although it stings to face it
and I wish that I could cry in front of other people
Lord knows I do it so much, it's a shame I cannot share it

this is my quiet way of showing that I really care

I love the world so much although I rarely feel it
and I wish my dad were here just to tell me he was proud

this is my quiet way of showing that I really care
Track Name: Everything is fine
I can't let you know how I feel
lest I give away how I deal with all the things
that I fear and they take over, slowly

if I give away the things I hold dear
will it make them less severe?

(it's okay)

I can't give away all I feel
lest I come undone, unreal
then I feel it opening, and I know
it's okay