Growing Pain

by Elizabeth Owens

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Growing Pain is an intimate demo mix of 4.5 unmastered songs due to be featured on Owens' first full-length album, Coming of Age.

A limited release of 30 CD copies will be produced and given away June 17 during their debut set in Richmond, VA. CDs will include a hand-bound lyric booklet, hand-written love letter, and good smells.

All $$ from this release will go directly to help fund the full-length <3

As someone who has struggled with mental health issues my entire life, the tracks on this demo mean a lot to me. Of all the different combinations of medication, therapy, disciplined daily living, and mind-body dedication, making music still remains the most powerful and effective means of working through pain for me. Every song on this tape arose directly from a period or moment of intense anxiety or depression, and they each lifted me out of suffering and brought me into the light of meaning. I consider them gifts and loving companions. My biggest hope is that they can do for other listeners what they did for me, and help alleviate some of the pain of feeling alone and insecure. We are all vulnerable creatures longing for love and validation, and we all deserve it.


released June 17, 2017

Elizabeth ~ guitar/vox/recording/production
Ty ~ drums



all rights reserved


Elizabeth Owens Richmond, Virginia

Richmond VA based solo artist.
singer, songwriter, producer, poet
battling the self-hate epidemic

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Track Name: I Long
I long to be new
I long for a different view
I long for a taste of you
I long to be surprised by what I thought I knew...
I long

I long to be free
I long to see, and see everything
I long to be be better than me
I long to flee...
I long

I long to be sad
I long for things I know are bad
I long to be had...
I long

I long for a breath of fresh air in the night
I long to be awake all the time
I long, often foolishly, to be right
I long for the light...
I long

I long to be one, to find god and become
I long to be taken by the sun
I long to run, and run, and run, and run
I long to have fun...
I long

I long
Track Name: You'll See
Think you can't? That's okay.
Think again, you'll see. You'll see.

Think you don't feel right? That's okay, hold tight. Hold tight.

Think you won't feel the same? That's okay, things change. Things change.

In this world we try so hard. Let it go and you'll see farther.

Think you can't let go? Just be patient, you'll know. You'll know.

Think you shouldn't feel pain? There's no reason to be ashamed...don't blame. Don't blame.

In this world we try so hard. Let it go and you'll see farther.
In this life we long so much. Don't forget to feel what you touch.

Think you can't? That's okay. Think again, you'll see. You'll see.
Track Name: The Light's On
Pack your things, the trip is long, and I hope you sing about everything you come across. And if the cobwebs start to cling...remember

if ever you need to come home, just know the light's on.
If ever you're feeling alone, remember the light's on.

It's okay to be afraid—the world is large and life is small.
Just remember when it's dark, that you don't have to do it all. You don't have to do anything at all.

When you've returned from the roam...remember the light's on.
And if ever you're feeling alone, just know the light's on.

Be my rock and I'll be yours, to hold that screen door open wide. Just remember when it's dark, that you should never have to should never have to hide. Please don't lose that childhood pride.

Whenever you're feeling alone, remember the light's on.
If ever you need to come home, just know the light's on.
You don't have to try to be strong—your light is already on.
Your light is already on.
Track Name: Be Better
I want to know; I want to see; I want to go; I want to be better.

I want to drink; I want to feel; I want to think that I can be better.

I want to stay; I want to prove; I want to pray that I can be better.

I want to hold you until I fall asleep.

I want to teach; I want to learn; I want to reach for everything I've ever yearned for. I want to bleed; I want to grow; I want to feed all the impulses in me. I want to know you like I know my dreams—not as scary as it seems. I want a cause; i want to ask; I need a pause to know that there's a true path,

and I'll follow you there. I want to give you all that I can feel.

I'd give you everything to be made real.

I want a need; I want to start; want to believe that it can be better.
That it can be better.